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Love sms & Quotes

*There`s sadness in my soul Which laughter cannot hide There`s sadness within my heart Where no smiles reside because i am missing you.

*Love is not only romance but it is respect, care, trust and compromise.

*I believe in love and thankful to God to be my love, because sometime I forget but my God always remember me. Love is what that you think.

*William Shakespeare says : “They do not love that do not show their love.”

*In first love always believe to make it last.First true love never fades away from his love color and shine for the whole life.

*True love is a mirror where you can see yourself and that lets you know what is you.

*It is not possible that i can solve your all problems but i will promise that you will never face them alone.

*Love is a river and it always increases its space by cutting edges to create new ways. Dynamic Love neither stopped by anyone nor for any individual.

*True love tells us the best way to live a happy life and we learn many new things that counts as our life experience.

* William Shakespeare says : Doubt that the stars are fire,Doubt that the sun does move,Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love. (Means we can doubt on any real thing or event except love)

*Love has many languages and everyone express it in their own one.

*Love is the great gift of GOD and GOD shares it with everyone in form of different relations.

*A love relation become sharpens in absence of Love but becomes more powerful in presence of Love.

*True love never alone anytime but it always remain with the memory of love.

*It is impossible to erase all love memories because we can wash only mind not heart.

*Loves asks me no question but provides me answer of each.

*Love your love so much to beyond any limit so that love makes unmemorable and always thinks that no one loves as much as you can.

*Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love. – Miyamoto Musashi love quote.

*Love needs to be loyal and a lie has not a single space in true love.

*When someone ask me what is love, faith and trust? My answer is your name(My love) for all.

*One side love is always hurts and two sided is always healer of every hurt.

*True love never fears anytime to go to walk together and handle all situation by supporting each other.

*All the time, when I am with you, feels in a new world contains peace and alone from rest world.

*Love never demand for anything but understand the needs of love.

*It is not our luck that we are together but it is our love and believes that makes us together.

*Love inspires when you lose hope. Love walks with you when you are going alone. Love strengthens you when you feel tired. Love supports you when you are in trouble. Love cares you when you are sick. Love suggests the right way when you are in wrong direction. *Love means trust, believe, faith, loyalty and truth.

*Forgiveness is the remedy for all small and big mistakes in Love. Never hide anything just believe on your Love.

*If you are not with your love then just put your hand on heart and feels and think about your love. Live in happy memories of Love and stay connected to each other.

*Love holds the hands put together and always care for love whatever the conditions.

*Every moment of our love life become an image that we had never seen again, so enjoy your life and live every moment of life. A Lovely Sms and quotes related site video is also available. Play this short introduction video

*Love understands every need of love without saying and provide everything that needed.

*Percy Bysshe Shelley famous Love quotes: Nothing in this world is single, all things by laws divine in one spirit mix and mingle then why not I with you

*If you have no time for your love relation or time to to listen your loved one,then no need to make love relation. All beautiful love relation need time and care from his/her lover. If you want to make true love relation then you have time to your loved one.

*In true to love there are only two person in them one can trust on other and other can understand the one.

*A woman’s heart and a fort are also similar in that they both only get to know after you have hold on it.

*In true love relationship, there are many new relations creates so we have to care for every new relation and give respect to all.

*True love teaches the meaning of relations and explain in what way we have to walk with them without loosing any relation.

*Money not helps you to get a true love but a true love helps you to get success in life. Single one not able to do easy things but two able to do impossible things.

*If someone’s love going away from him/her then it is not his/her fault, Then thinks that there is anyone other who loves your love more than you. If you want that your loved one always stands with you then care for him/her as much as you can.

*Everyone nature is different and no one can leave it. If you thinks that you cannot change yourself for your love then you have no right to change your loved one.

*True love is free from demands only you have to understand the basic needs of love and fulfill them.

*True love relations make strong with time and changed into sacred relationship like Marriage. Dating is the need of love and helpful in Marriage.

*If you don’t love someone for whole life then not hate.

*Hans Sohnker Love purpose line : A declaration of love is like the chess opening: The consequences are incalculable.

*Love Lines: Love not need a bucket of flower but only your sense of love.

*Great love words of Mother Teresa: If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

*Greek saying: A heart that loves remains always young.

*The words of true love not entered into ears only but also in Heart.

*Love needing towards Love to complete your emptiness of life and improvement in your qualities.

*True love has never any expectation from you but only expect you understandings.

*The scars of love only healed by love because no medicine for same.

*Mahatma Gandhi Says: Love is the strongest power in the world and yet it is the humblest that you can imagine.

*The love overcomes death, but it does happen that a small bad habit overcomes the love.

*Cute love line : To the world you are someone, but for someone you are the world.

*André Gide Says- It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

*Albert Einstein popular love: No, this trick won’t work…How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

*Like flower cannot bloom without sunlight, a person cannot live without love.- Max Muller

*We cut only our long nails when getting extra length but not fingers. In same way, not end love relations in minor life problems but try to solve only them.

*Famous love quote of Albert Einstein: Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

*It is not meaning of love that what you can do for your love but its meaning that how you can pleased your love with you or without.

*I do not count my wishes, but my heart with an idea. If every single drop of water turns into love then i will gift you whole ocean.

*Make a relationship with: Less words, more understanding Less quarrels, more conversation Less clues, more love.

*Martin Luther King, Jr. words of love- “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

*Christopher Morley life quote- ”There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

* Don’t give explanation to anyone because who believes you, no need and who do not will not agree.

Change your life with right inspiration to get success. It is very important to inspire children and other people to do right things in their life. Use Inspirational Quotes or life quotes when someone closed to you disappointed or need inspiration to live a great life. Send inspirational quotes or SMS to your friends and help them to achieve their life goal.

Inspirational Quotes

*A little inspiration change your life and becomes the turning point of your successful life.

*Life starts with us not with life. It needs better efforts to make it happy.

*Ambitions are the source of all new innovations and inventions.

*Silence is better in between the fools because they always behaves more then they know.

*Behaviour shows the real image not mirrors. Mirror shows only outer look.

*Don’t see what has been done but concentrate on only what remains to be done.

*Everyone has different attitude like watches.As everyone’s watch shows different time, in the same way attitude also differ in everyone. We needs only to make right attitude that accepted by everyone.

*Our destiny is in our hands and no one can change it whenever we do not hand over it to other.

*Life is not too much difficult to live but only our behavior decides to make it easier. *The world’s largest magnifying glass is the man’s mind where he sees himself.

*Everyone has not all quality but all have a different one.

*It is easier to correct our own mistakes than others because others has so many.

*Happiness becomes double when we share it with someone.

*A good man is known for his tongue although good things are written on many walls.

*Lord Mahatma Buddha says: You will not be punished for your anger but you will be punished by your anger.

*Elbert Einstein- The man with no mistake in his whole life has not tried to do something new.

inspirational quotes*There are only idle persons who curse fate and with multiplicity of complaints.

*Swami Vivekananda- Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.

*Every good thing looks funny in start then a topic of debate and finally accepted by everyone.

*According to science that tongue is the fastest healing organ and knowledge says that scar by tongue never healed anytime.

*The people who wait for fate, get only that others leave behind.

*Do not ever change your originality for others, because you can play roll better than anyone else. *Educated people are able to change themselves according to circumstances while experienced people change circumstances according to them.

*Where can we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our own hearts and in every living being. -Swami Vivekananda

*It is Better to keep cool and look stupid than prove your stupidity by opening mouth.

*Real victory is the attempt to get a goal but not in getting it.

*Do not let the fact that you express what is thought, wisely create a mystery and it is determined to keep the job.

*Verner Hartzog – In facts there is often a bizarre power that makes their inherent truth unbelievable. *Your today is responsible for your tomorrow, so do the best in present.

*A lot of problems of the world will be ended if people start talking to others rather than talk about others.

*Prayer doesn’t change any circumstances but change only the way of thinking towards circumstances.

*According to Jackson Brown- We learn only that thing from the life that in actual we want to learn.

*The language of friendship, not in words but in the sense.

*True friendship is like good health and its value determined only when we lose it.

*When you got success in life then you know who are you and When you fail in life then you realize who are your friends.

* Miyamoto Musashi inspirational quote- “There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”

Send free beautiful and sweet Hindi love sms to your friends and your loved people. These Love sms are in Hindi and the user or who know Hindi language can enjoy reading best Hindi sms or hindi shayari. There is a  collection of  Hindi shayari, contains all types of Sad, Love, inspirational, jokes, emotional hindi SMS.

Hindi Sms

*Ek lover ne rab se pusha, Aap dunya ko pyar ka dushman q bana dete ho, Rab ne has kar kaha, Tum b to apne pyar ko rab man kar muje bhula dete ho.

*Tum hame chaho aisa hamara nasib kaha, Ham hi tum par marte hai,Par tum kareeb kaha, Chen tum se hai karar tumse hai, Yun to bhut mile magar pyar tum se hai.

* Yaad karne me aur yaad aane mein bada farak hai, Yaad hum unhe karte hai jo hamare apne hai, Aur yaad hum unhe aate hai jo tumhe apna samajhte hai.

*Muskura lo yar kush pal k liye, Na jane kal ye lamhe mile na mile, Zindagi to milti rahegi har janam, Na jane kal ye dost mile na mile.

*Suroor tere ishq ka is kadr btda gya ke chand taaron se baatein krne lge. dekh kr roz tere masoom chehre ko meethi yaadon me apni bhrne lge. maang na le tujhe rab se koi aur khuda ki bhi ibaadat krne lge. teri bas ek hansi k liye, Duniya ka tmasha bnne hm lge. Khabr to tujko bhi hogi mere haal ki, Hm aese hi nhi tere dil me utrne lge. Bas yuhin rhna hai tere dil me, chahe duniya ki beed jitni bhi bdne lge.

*Tere pyar ke dariya me mujhe bhne de ek kashti ki tarah. Tere khaboon ke aasiyane me mujhe jlne de ek chirag ki tarah, Tere yadon ke saye me bsne de mujhe ek basti ki tarah. Kush aesa kr de karm mujh pr bhi khuda, ban jaun amar tere pyar me ek hasti ki tarah.

*Nasha hai aesa tere pyar ka, madhoshi ka aalam kbhi kam nhi hota. masti hai tere aankhon me aesi, doob kr inme duniya bulane ka bhi gum nhi hota. rhta hun hardum tere khayalon me khoya, tere sapnon me bhi na ane kabhi gum nhi hota.

*Phoolon ne kha kaanton se hmse kbhi dil na lgana, kaanton ne kha phir meri hifazat ka kya hai nazrana, Phoolon ne kha mere saye me rahkar mujhe na aazmana, kaanton ne kha ye kismat hai meri tera daaman sjana.

*Dekhkar teri massomiyat mere dil me aye je khyal, Ban jaye tu meri sda ke liye, waqt aesi badal de chal, Adhoora hun tere bina, kese btayien tujhe dard-e-dil ka je haal, khwaish hai tujhe paane ki bs, chahe bit jayein jitni sadiyan aur saal.

*Chaha tha tujhe kbhi deewane tarah, jalte they tere pyar me kbhi parwane ki tarah, likha krte they tujhe apne geeton me afsane ki tarah, tere ek jane se zindagi berang huyi iskadr, ab to saans bhi aati hai ek bhane ki tarah.

*Khilte hain hzaron phhol duinya me, par hr ek phool pooja ke kabil nhi hota, Milte hain yun to hzaron chehre roz, par har koi es dil me shamil nhi hota.

*Khyalon me apne teri tasvire bnate rhe, tere sadke me apna sr jukate rhe mumkin nhi tujse milna dubara Phir bhi teri yaad me zindagi bitate rhe. *Dil ki khawahishon ko kya naam dun, Pyar ka tuje kya naam dun, Is dil me dard nhi teri yaade hain, Ab yaad hi mujhe dard de to tuje kya ilzaam dun.

*aankhon me baskr, ashkho se plken bhigone nhi dete, Dil me rahkar, apni yadon ko khyalon se km hone nhi dete. Rhna sda yuhin chmkte taare ki tarah hste huye, Hum kbhi pyar me rusba tujhe hone nhi dete.

*Aati hai ab Har saans, teri yaad ke sath, khulte hai lab tere naam me, khuda ki fariyaad ke sath Krna hai roshan yuhin chahat ka jhan, sacche pyar ki buniyaad ke sath.

*sapno ki tarah aakar chale ja rhe ho, Apno ko bhulakr chale ja rhe ho, Kis bhul ki sja de rhe ho, Pahle hasaya fir rulakar chale ja rhe ho.

*Vaada kiya tha tune kbhi sath nibhane ka, Mere pyar me khud ko bhi bhool jane ka, Kat gyi zindagi tera intzaar krte-krte ek mauka to de tera aashiyan sjane ka. waqt kat ta hai teri yadon ke sahare, Kr koi aur sitm inko dil se mitane ka. dard kam hota hi nhi is dil ka, salika de mujhe koi gum me bhi muskurane ka. Rok rkhe hain jo ashkon ke smundar kbse koi bhana to de mujhe ashk bhane ka.

*Aziz bhi vo hai, naseeb bhi woh hai, Aur duniya ki bheed me sabse karib bhi vo hai, Unki dua se chalti hai je zindagi kyunki khuda bhi vo hai aur takdeer bhi vo hai.

*Dil ko mila sakun ki koi hume bhi yaad krta hai, yaad na shi to fariyad to krta hai, aankhon ne doond liya hai Dost aisa, Jo baat na shi tanhai ko aabadh to krta hai.

*Dil ke aangan se chand ka didar ho gya, hum chand ke diwane ho gaye, aur chand badlo me khin kho gya, hum baadal htne ka intzaar krte rhe, aur tb tak chand kisi ka ho gya.

*kbhi kisi ka sath mat chodna, ye sochkar ki uke pass kuch nhi hai tumhe dene ke liye, bas ye sochkar uska sath nibhana ke uske pass kush nhi tumhare siva khone ke liye.

*Waqt khta hai mujhe gbana mat, dil khta hai muje lgana mat, PYAR khta hai muje aazmana mat, Aur HUM khte hain ke hume Bhulana mat.

*Pyar ki wo hasin tasvir kha se laun, Teri dosti se acchi takdir kha se laun, Hr janam me mile sath tera, Tuhi bta hath me wo lakir khan se laun.

*Kyun ho gye ho aajkal itne magroor se, kyun pad rha hai rang chahaton ka feeka tere chehre ke noor se, kyun de rhe ho mohabbat me sza bina kisi kasoor ke Bs ek kr de karm aakhiri mujpe aesa ho jaun juda tere pyar ke suroor se.

*zindagi agar phool hai to,mohabbat uski khushbu hai, Pyar agar dariya hai to, mehboob uska sahil hai Dard agar zindagi hai to “DOSTI” uski dawa hai.

*Je Dil har pal tere asar me hai aur tum mere sone ki sifarish krte ho. Bta de mujhe ke teri yaadon se khud ko kese juda krun.

*Rishta banao humesha muskura kar, kisi ko dhokha mat do apna bana kar, kar lo baate jab tak hum zinda hai, fir na kehna chale gaye dil me yaade basa kar. *Wadiyon mein dekho chand sharmaya hai, fizaon mein dekho naya rang chhaya hai, khamosh na raho ab to muskura do yaar, apki muskan dekhne hi to mera sms aaya hai.

*Teacher: bachchon, kal ka lecture sooraj par hoga, Ram: main nehin aaunga. Teacher:kyun? Ram: meri mummy mujhe itni door nahin jaane degi.

*Khwaish hai teri aankhon me dhoob jane ki, tere pyar ke saaye me jindagi bitane ki, Pr drte hain bs izhaare mohabbat se Kyun ki Tuje aadat hai pyar me baar baar aazmane ki.

*Dost bnakar log rishte bhool jate hain rah dikha kar sath nibhana chod jate hain jab tak hum roz na kre msg kisi ko tab tak hum khan kisi ko yaad aate hain.

*jese sitaron ke sath aakash hai, rishton ke sath vishwas hai, vese hi dil se mahsoos kr lo mera pyar hmesha aapke sath hai.

*Toot jate hain jo rishte gareebi me, vo risthe koi khas nhi hote, bante hai jo nye rishte ameeri me, Un rishton me zazbaat nhi hote.

*kinaron pe moti mila nhi krte, mohabbat me kbhi gilla nhi krte, hum acche na shi bure hai magar hum jese bure bhi har kisi ko mila nhi krte.

*Har musafir ki rah ka mukaam nhi hota, Har parinde ki chah ka aasaman nhi hota, Har lafz ke izhaar ka byan nhi hota, har kisi ke pyar ka mukmil jhan nhi hota.

*Bina zazbaton ke pyar nibhaya nhi jata, Bina yaadon ke khab sjaya nhi jata, Bina kasoor ke pyar aazmaya nhi jata, Aur saccha pyar kisi keemat pe gbaya nhi jata.

*Kat gyi sari jindgai ek humsafar ki talaash me, rah gyi adhoori chahat tere pyar ki pyas me, Mila na koi tere jesa pyara hme, mar kar bhi aankhe khuli rhin, tere aane ki aas me.

*Vo waqt bhi ajeeb tha, jab tu mere kareeb tha, kar na paye izhar mohabbat ka kesa je apna naseeb tha.

*Tere bina jindagi ki har saans adhoori Thi, Tujse judaa hona bhi meri ek mazboori Thi, Bula na paye mar kar bhi tumhe Kyunki zindagi ke liye tu jruri Thi.

*Zindgi ko hmne rab se tere naam likha diya. Tere pyar ki diwangi ne hme mashhoor bna diya, Ho kar meri mohabbat me magroor itna Tumne bebfai ko apna dastur bna liya

*Teri har muskaan se hum pyar krte hain, Tere hste rhne ki dua har bar krte hain, Rhna yuhin mere dil ke aashiyane me Sath rhne ka sda hum bhi ikraar krte hain.

mohabbat ki kabr*Umar bhar tarste hain ek humsafar ke liye Mrne ke baad hzaaron sath aate hain Hai tanhai gr dustur mohabbat ka to Kyun mrne ke baad phoolon se szate hain Nhi chah kisi ki jooti mohabbat ki Kyun mrne ke baad mere liye ashq bhate hain Jeete g jo na ho ske mere Vo kyun mrne ke baad mere naam ka diya jlate hain hai skoon mr kr bhi apni bfa pr Jo tere kadam meri kabr pr phunch jate hain.

*Zindagi me bar bar sahara nhi milta. Bar- bar koi pyar se pyara nhi mlita. hai jo pass use smbhal kr rkhna, Kho kr wo phir dubara nhi milta.

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Get love, life, sad, emotional and inspirational Punjabi sms. Use these cute love sms in Punjabi to impress your closed or loved people and tell him how much you care for them.

Punjabi sms

*Dil nu jd bhi aandha ae Khyaal Usda Tasviran to puchde haan pher Haal Usda, O kde puchde hunde c Judaai ki ae aj Samajh ch aaya ae Sawaal Usda.

*assi osnu pyar bhi kita, share-aam izhaar bhi kita, jad ruk ske na hanju mere, assi dil da dard osde age izhaar bhi kita, osne keha yaar tera natak ta bhut sohna assi keha chal shukriya yaara tu mere natak da satkar ta kita.

*Bol tenu new year te ki gift devan, dosti chahidi ya jaan vaar devan, Scooter, bike ya Ferrari car devan, bus ine nal hi sar jau ya 2 -4 gappan hor mar devan.

*Asi langna a roj teri gali vicho, sanu pata a tu thane vich report likhai hoi a, jara thanedar nu push k dekh, asi ohdi v taan kudi fasai hoi a. *Assi diven haan tere aashiyane de kde na kde assi bhi buj jana ae tenu shakayat hai ajj meri lo to kal anere ch b assi tenu yaad auna ae

*Toot kr bikhar jaande ne lok ishq ch mitti di kandhan di tarah, jede krde ne pyar dil naal O rul jaande ne tndha di tarah.

*Krde haan jinu dilon pyar Ohnu kde aazmana ni chahida, Hove chahe gunahgaar vhi ho Dil sjjna dha dukhana ni chahida, Lang jaandi ae jindagi pyar de share Kde nafrtan ch time gbana ni chahida.

Punjabi love quote*Ajj mere pyar de naal phli mulakat ho gyi mere dil diyan glan ch O dilon kho gyi Puchya jd lende ho khabab mere tan krke bhana O meri bahaan ch so gyi

*Mohabbat akhan ch nikle hanjuyan nu bhi moti bana dendi ae Mohabbat ghar zakhma nu bhi malham lga dendi ae Jdo mil jandi ae sachi Mohabbat zindagi ch Udon Mohabbat maut nu bhi jeena sikha dindi ae

*Bn gye kisi aur de wo, Kde hunde c meri zindgai Jo kon pul skda ae pehli mohabbat nu jad meri sari khushi thi wo mere bullan di hnsi c O kr diti jide na zindgai kende ne loki ajnabi thi O

*Teri akhan de sare hnju churande c kde Tere sare gmaa nu khushiya ch szande c kde Pul gye c jla dinde ne ohi dive htha nu jina nu apne hi htha naal sjande c kde. If you have your own hand written Punjabi sms or love sms then feel free send to me for publishing in this page. Visit for More Punjabi SMS our blog page.

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To make new Love relationship, online dating plays a very useful role. In our society, every young boys and girls want a true love partner who can share one another feelings. More commonly they are looking or searching their love online on free dating sites. Choose the best resources or online dating sites that helps you to get your dream best matches.

Online dating Sites

There are thousands of online dating sites that help you to find your love partner. In these online dating sites only a few are free dating sites rest all charges you on monthly subscription or their paid plan. Single dating sites are available in more number of married dating sites. There is also a number of country based or ethnicity based websites like Christian singles dating sites. All online dating sites instruct how you can open an account or sign up into dating sites. You can create your online dating profile with optional field and necessary fields. More commonly online dating profile contains necessary information like full name, user name, age, profile image, Relationship status, ethnicity, about you and Country etc. You have option to edit profile or make changes on your online dating profile. Mostly dating websites facilitate you only share status, comments and messages within friends but some popular online dating sites provides you facility to chat on message and video chat also with other features. To make a strong online dating profile, complete your profile in an effective way. Do not share violated things on your profile and protect your profile to get blocked.

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Love marriage

LOVE MARRIAGEMarriage is a formal union of a man and woman in which our society or law recognized the man and woman as husband and wife. Marriage is a beautiful love relationship that connects two different souls so the more often we saying, “Marriage is the joining of souls”. It is a very sacred and true relationship. Marriage makes many new relations between the married couple families and creates new love relationship. For parents, marriage of their children is a great occasion and the marriage time is the greatest celebration time for both, parents and the couple. To know more about marriage click here.

It is necessary to choose a right life partner to get married. In our society, there are mainly two types of marriages, love marriage arranged marriage. Our youth generation prefer love marriages and in their point of view love marriages are more successful. I also agree with this idea or view because in love marriage we have a time to know about our love partner. In love marriage, both the girlfriend and boyfriend spend some time with each other to know about the thinking and behavior of each other. If your habits, behaviour and thinking resemble with each other then you can go for long term love relation i.e. Marriage. If there is true love between two person and they want to get married with each other, then for those couple love marriage is a right choice. In arranged marriage, we have not enough time to know about each other and only in 1 or 2 meeting it is not possible to know about someone a lot. In arranged marriages, “Love before marriage” this situation comes. Such type of relationship becomes a burden of us if after marriage our understanding is not fit with our married partner. Then whole life we have to spend with burden, bitterness and without love. All the time arranged marriages are not unsuccessful but sometime it turn a lot in our life. Our parents are always thinks for our better. They also know the importance of this marriage relation so they arrange our marriage for our sake. For parents, we always remain child therefore they think that they will find a good life partner for us. In today age mostly the parents and families are well educated so they can easily understand our thinking and we can discuss love marriage wedding with them. So if you think about love marriage then you have to discuss with your family. There is no need to get sacrifice in such a condition. Our parents also understand the whole situations and without hesitation we talked so that they can helps us in taking such type of important decision.

Love marriage is always a better choice if you are in a love relationship with anyone before marriage.

Love marriage Arranged marriage

 “Marriage for love is better than loves for marriage” -Love marriage quotes

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Albert Einstein quote on marriage -Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.

Love marriageHere I am discussing some point why love marriages are better than arranged marriage.

*In Love marriage, you have sufficient time to understand each other. You can arrange love date and share all your views and plans for future. You can discuss all about your upcoming life and your goals of life.

*After wedding, the married couple have to spend the whole life with each other. So it is important that before marriage they know everything about each other.

* Love before marriage is a platform that provides you a strong base for happy married life. Love before marriage decides that how much belief in your relationship. In love, you have to believe on each other and it is our duty that there is not any secret between us.

*In Love marriage, before marriage we know all about the families of each other. Also discuss if there is any type family problem. We can help each other in all type of problems and situations. If we will walk together in every critical situation then everyone favour for us.

*In Love marriage, we are familiar with one other habits and like, dislike that deepest our love relationship. So the understanding is the main between two people to combine in marriage relation.

*A true love partner helps us at every point and tells us about our bad habits. If we are going in a wrong way then he/she suggest us a right path. Our true love improves our lifestyle and learnt a lot of things. Love before marriage also gets familiar us with the responsibility that we have to do towards our loved one.

*In arranged marriage there is a trend of matching Kundali of boy girl mainly in Hindu tradition. It is not necessary that if both of your Kundali matches with each other then you will spend a happy married life. These are old tradition and we have not to give too much preference to these. According to survey, there are 42% people are Manglik, but they are get married and live a happy life. Sometime arranges marriages are broken due to non-understanding between their thoughts. So love marriage is preferred mostly.

*Arranged marriages are mainly occurs between related cast and category but in love marriage, there is a option of inter-cast love marriage.

Love marriage

These are some strong point that tells that in what way Love marriage is preferred. Sometime arranged marriages are also successful but in that case one from the couple have to do sacrifice on many things. Life is not running smoothly on sacrifice, there are only a few critical situations when we have to sacrifice for marriage relation. In love relationship, sacrifice for love is more common but for marriage matter is has a very less space. Every man and woman thinks that her /his life partners loves him a lot and live the life with happiness. So we have to choose a right life partner to get married that walk together with you in every moment of life.

In India, the marriage ceremony are occurs in a traditional way. There are mainly four categories: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian. All four categories celebrate this event according to their tradition.

Love marriage Hinduism allows you only one marriage. The Hindu marriage occurs under the Mantra of our religious Veda in the presence of priest and other relatives. During marriage, both man and woman have to be some promise towards one-another around the pure flame of marriage. We have to make promises that we will care for each other in every moment of life in any condition. In Hinduism, Marriage is a very sacred event that combines to souls. Mostly Hindu marriage are occurs in their home but sometime temple are also used for marriages.

In Muslim marriage, you have to ask that you are agree or not for marriage. This whole religious event occurs according to their pure Kuran thesis.

Our Sikh community also follow the rule of their religious book “Guru Granth Sahib”. In the presence of some sacred people in Gurudwara(Worship place of Sikh), the married couple have to take some promises around this religious book.

Christian marriage ceremony is occurs in church under the presence of relative. The priest of Church speeches the words of pure Bible on this sacred occasion.

After every marriage ceremony, there is a big celebration party from the both sides of family.

If you have any idea or suggestion about love marriage then you can share with me.

Love marriage

Also let me know that you prefer what love marriage arranged marriage?

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